Sara Raasch Rules The High Seas With THESE REBEL WAVES Cover Reveal

Pirate lore and strange enchantment grace the cover of THESE REBEL WAVES!

Snow Likes Ashes trilogy author Sara Raasch is back on the scene with the new Stream Raiders duology, a pirate tale set in a magical land and inspired by The Spanish Inquisition.

Though the first book in the duology, These Rebel Waves, doesn’t hit shelves until next summer, it already has an absolutely gorgeous cover featuring an important symbol, according to Raasch: The brand given to all stream raiders!

Sara Raasch Rules The High Seas With THESE REBEL WAVES Cover Reveal

Bustle exclusively revealed the cover, along with the first in-depth description of the novel:

Inspired by the Spanish Inquisition, Raasch’s duology takes place on the magic-rich island of Grace Loray, which five years ago overthrew its oppressor country, Argrid. Argrid is a country ruled by religion and has an inherent fear of Grace Loray’s enchanted properties. So, when an Argridian delegate vanishes during peace talks, the country quickly places blame on Grace Loray’s people and their magic.

Trapped in the middle of this reinvigorated war are three teenagers: There’s Adeluna, a soldier who helped overthrew Argrid; Devereux, a pirate, or “Stream Raider,” who deals in magic and becomes a target in the Argridian diplomat’s abduction; and Benat, the Crown Prince of Argrid and a heretic, who is obsessed with Grace Loray’s magic.

Along with the big reveal, Sara Raasch also wrote a beautiful short essay about one of the duology’s main themes, belief, and how her own upbringing and shift in beliefs helped inform this novel.

These Rebel Waves (Stream Raiders #1) hits bookshelves on July 3, 2018.

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