GAME OF THRONES and… musical theater? Get ready for both in San Diego during Comic-Con this July.

The creators of Game of Thrones: The Musical have announced that they’re bringing their parody Game of Thrones show to San Diego to coincide with Comic-Con. Eight performances are scheduled from July 20-23 at the close-by Tenth Avenue Arts Center.

game of thrones: the musical

HBO’s hit fantasy series, filled with blood, gore, nudity, and sex, might not seem like a natural inspiration for a musical, but Game of Thrones: The Musical manages it quite nicely. Subtitled A Song of Nice Satire, the musical puts a humorous face on the power struggles of Westeros with songs like “Hello from Winterfell,” “You Win or You Die,” and “Let’s Go to War.” In the announcement, producer Steven Brandon said,

We look forward to letting our dragons fly and taking the show to the magical kingdom of San Diego.

Meanwhile on HBO, the real Game of Thrones returns for its highly-anticipated seventh season on July 16. “For a long time we’ve been talking about ‘the wars to come’,” showrunner David Benioff recently explained. “That war is pretty much here.”

The trailer for Game of Thrones: The Musical can be found above, and more information is available on the show’s website.


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