THE WALKING DEAD Season 8B Images Teases the Death of a Major Character


Images from the second half of THE WALKING DEAD’s Season 8 have been released and we’re in for some hurt.

Entertainment Weekly released images from The Walking Dead‘s season 8b, which will be premiering on AMC on Sunday, February 25th.

In them we see some of the major characters in various heartbreakable situations, including one of Chandler Riggs’ Carl lying on a cot while Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes and Danai Gurira’s Michonne look on him contemplatively.

We also see Lauren Cohan’s Maggie in deep thought, probably about her growing unborn baby, while watching over baby Grace.

Khary Payton’s Ezekiel doesn’t look like he’s in a good place, either, and we’re scared for what’s in store for him, especially with Negan in the mix.

Norman Reedus hints at Daryl’s upcoming confrontation(s) with some of the people he’s been staring down in the season.

If you didn’t know yet, Lenny James’ Morgan will be transferring over to Fear the Walking Dead after the end of this season’s series. It will be interesting to see how his character in Fear will be played out as it will take place before the events of this season.

But before he moves on, he and Melissa McBride’s Carol have a score or two to settle with Negan, and we can’t wait to watch!

To check out more images of Carl and Maggie, check it out here.

The mid-season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead will be on Sunday, February 25th at 9pm on AMC.

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