SUPERNATURAL Season 13 To Feature Animated SCOOBY-DOO Crossover Episode


SUPERNATURAL is trading The Impala for The Mystery Machine!

Supernatural has never been afraid of featuring wonky elements in its story, but Season 13 will feature an especially trippy callback to your childhood.

During The CW Upfronts on Thursday, the show announced that next season will feature a 100% animated crossover episode featuring longtime kid favorite show Scooby-Doo. The whole Mystery Machine gang will be meeting up with The Winchesters, who can be seen in their animated forms below.

As first, we assumed the announcement was a gag of sorts. But multiple sources, including MTV, have confirmed that this a real thing. Whether it’s a brilliant move to try something new or over-the-top tacky is up for fans to decide, but Supernatural continues to pull in those ratings for The CW either way.

The question is: Who will that rascal-y ghost actually be once unmasked?!

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