ORPHAN BLACK: “Clutch of Greed” Promo, Revival Featurette


Neolution and the sestras collide in ORPHAN BLACK sneak peeks for “Clutch of Greed”!

Orphan Black‘s Final Trip continues with the second episode of the final season, “Clutch of Greed”!

The season premiere saw Cosima reunited with Delphine and discovering the island village of Revival as Sarah tried and failed to escape past its residents. Alison was found by Neolutionists in the hideout in the woods, but Donnie and Helena escaped. Meanwhile, Felix and Scott are busy trying to contact MK and save Sarah.

In episode two, it looks like Sarah receives an offer from Rachel that would simultaneously save and tear apart her family, Cosima meets P.T. Westmoreland, and MK rejoins the chaos!

Suspiciously missing from the mix are Donnie and Helena, the latter of whom was threatened by a serious injury, and Alison, who was in the hands of Neolution activists when last we saw her.

In a new featurette that followed the premiere, Tatiana Maslany, Evelyne Brochu, and co-creator John Fawcett talk about the looks, feel, and intentions behind Revival, the hippie-ish community with dark undertones under the thumb of P.T. Westmoreland.

The final season has been reviewed in full by several press outlets, and BBC America put together a promo that shows audiences just how much critical praise the show is getting!

“Clutch of Greed” airs tomorrow, Saturday, June 17th, on BBC America.

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