Get a first look at Misty Knight’s bionic arm in LUKE CAGE Season 2


We get a first look at a scene from LUKE CAGE Season 2, which features a slightly altered Misty Knight.

Warning: mild *spoiler* if you have not seen The Defenders yet.

Fans of the Iron Fist comics will probably be happy to see that Misty Knight (Simone Missick) now has a bionic arm. Although the circumstances in which Misty loses her arm differs drastically from the comics – in Netflix’s The Defenders series, she lost her arm when Hand villain Bakuto sliced it off with his sword, while in the Iron Fist comics, it was amputated after a bomb exploded during her failed attempt to dispose of it. In either case, she still gets a bionic arm, most likely one created from Stark Industries (as it is in the comics.)


We won’t assume anything more than that about Misty’s arm, though. We don’t know how much power her arm can withstand and we don’t know if she’s still in the police force in Luke Cage season 2. But we have a feeling that the Netflix series is going to surprise us with what she can do with it.

Season 2 of Luke Cage will premiere in 2018.


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