Sneak Peek and Trailer for ONCE UPON A TIME Episode 7×02 “A Pirate’s Life”


The highly-anticipated second episode of ONCE UPON A TIME Season 7 promises to be a good one for all Captain Swan fans.

In the sneak peek for Once Upon a Time 7×02, “A Pirate’s Life,” we find Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and young Henry (Jared Gilmore) sparring with swords on the Jolly Roger. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) comes on as they’re finishing and compliments Henry’s swordfighting skills, but Henry brushes her off angrily. Emma is worried that Henry’s about to leave home, but Hook reassures her with a special gift. Watch the clip below:

“A Pirate’s Life” airs this Friday on ABC. Watch the trailer for the episode below:


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