Patrick Gibson to play poster boy character in THE DARKEST MINDS


The OA star Patrick Gibson has joined the cast of THE DARKEST MINDS to play the son of the president in this dystopian world.

The Darkest Minds has added another actor to their growing cast! This time, Deadline released the news that Patrick Gibson, the breakout star on the Netflix series The OA, has signed on to play Clancy Gray.

The story is about a group of teenage survivors who have developed psychic abilities and are forced to live in rehabilitation camps. Ruby (Amandla Stenberg,) a 16-year-old girl, escapes one of those camps and she and a small group of other escapees find themselves in East River where an abandoned camping ground serves as a sort of safe haven for them.

Gibson’s character, also known as “Slip Kid,” leads the East River group. Aside from being the president’s son, he’s described as being very handsome, with a narcissistic and manipulative personality. “He possesses a certain power that can manipulate people’s minds and he uses that to convince those around him that he’s been healed.”

The Irish actor is most known for his portrayal of Steven Winchell in the Netflix hit series, but has also appeared in Showtime’s The Tudors and the BBC mini-series The Passing Bells.


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