Two New Clips From THOR: RAGNAROK Focus On Hulk and Hela


Hulk gets an Avengers update and Hela prove her reign in THOR: RAGNAROK clips!

Thor: Ragnarok is out today, but you can take in some new sneak peeks before you head to the theater!

Loki wasn’t very happy in the “Get Help” clip released earlier this week, and it looks like that’s due to continue in other scenes.

In the first clip, we see just how beloved Hulk is in the battle arena as he and Thor prepare to duke it out. Thor is trying to catch Banner up on everything that’s happened since he disappeared and once again, Loki isn’t very happy!

Next up, we see Thor and Loki’s first confrontation with Hela, the goddess of death. The villainess is feeling extra confident in this moment as she shocks Thor to the core and destroys his most precious possession.

Check Thor: Ragnarok out in theaters now!

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