Check out the new READY PLAYER ONE logo! 


The READY PLAYER ONE logo has been released ahead of its upcoming panel at San Diego Comic-Con. 

The official Ready Player One logo was released, and though it’s just the title, seeing anything official from the Steven Spielberg-directed film gets us fans super excited.

The director and cast and some other notables involved with the movie are going to be at Comic-Con this year at the Warner Bros. panel in Hall H. Nothing has been disclosed as to what they’ll be presenting, if anything, but we’re hoping at least for a trailer.

The popularity of the book, which mixes futuristic gaming with 80s nostalgia, is what makes the film adaptation so highly anticipated, and to have Spielberg himself direct the movie is just absolutely epic, even if he plans on avoiding including anything pertaining to his films into this one. There’s still plenty of non-Spielberg pop-culture from the 80s to be seen, including classic arcade games.

Ready Player One is set to hit theaters March 30, 2018, and stars Tye Sheridan (Wade Watts/Parzival), bOlivia Cooke (Samantha Cook/Art3mis), T.J. Miller (i-R0k), Simon Pegg (Ogden Morrow), Hannah John-Kamen (F’Nale Zandor), Ben Mendohlson (Nolan Sorrento), and Mark Rylance (James Halliday).


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