Movie Review: WONDER WOMAN is a Big Win for DC


WONDER WOMAN celebrates its release weekend with a lot of butt-kicking, high energy fun and amazing female presence.

After having had high hopes for DC’s previous recent movies, including Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad, and being somewhat disappointed, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Wonder Woman. Before watching the movie, I tried to keep my expectations at a lower level, but still, I was hoping. I wanted Wonder Woman to do well in the box office, especially since it was a female character that was the main protagonist, and not only that, but the movie was directed by a female. Certainly, there were hopes of success for the movie. We just had to wait and see.

The movie was just released today, June 2nd, both nationally and internationally. And early reviews both on and off were coming up positive. But I also wanted to give my two-cents worth of how the movie fared, which I can determine was pretty good!

I won’t tell you when things happen, but I would like to say that we get to watch Diana grow from an excited little girl eager to learn to be an Amazon warrior up to her not only doing exactly that, but learning about the complexities of human nature, which is a hard lesson to learn.

Some of the earlier scenes show Diana in Themyscira, being raised by her mother Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) and her aunt, General Antiope, wonderfully played by Robin Wright in a role refreshingly opposite of her The Princess Bride role. Chris Pine, Danny Huston, and David Thewlis play the major male roles in the film and they do so quite well.

But it’s Gal Gadot’s movie and her being Diana/Wonder Woman just works, regardless of whiners who think she’s too skinny (so, only big women can be warriors?) or doesn’t have an American accent (last I checked, Paradise Island is not in the United States.)

The story is pretty straightforward and makes more sense than doesn’t as it weaves its way through Industrial-era London and war-torn territories. Princess Diana learns about who humans work, how they think, how they operate. And she finds that with mortals, not everything is as black and white as she thinks it should be.

The actions scenes are well done and well received, even with certain slo-mo effects. But strangely, it didn’t drag the movie as I’ve felt in other DC superhero movies. However, some of the CGI effects probably need a little more work. Or maybe it was too much work it looked too… too. Still, it didn’t take away from the fact that the movie was enjoyable and inspiring.

This is definitely the best female-lead superhero movie made, and for it to be directed by a female as well just shows that sometimes Hollywood does know how to do things right…sometimes. But if I’m to be honest, it’s not like there was a lot of great competition  The 1984 Supergirl movie? A total joke. Catwoman starring Halle Berry? Sadly, it was even worse. Talk about embarrassing! Luckily, DC did right by their Justice League warrior princess and we hope this will be the refresher that they need to continue its success with Aquaman and The Flash as well as the highly-anticipated mega ensemble Justice League.

My grade: B+

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