Magical Facts From The Live-Action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST


Can you guess how many candles were used in the recent live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST? 

Look no further for some enchanting facts from Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast! Disney Studios has released some fantastic fun facts about the production of the recent film (that we can’t stop talking about!). Check out some of the movie’s amazing details below.

Over 8,700 candles (or 104,400 inches of wax) were used as set decoration during production.

The ballroom floor in the Beast’s castle is made from 12,000 square feet of faux marble and its design is based on a pattern found on the ceiling of the Benedictine Abbey in Braunau in the Czech Republic. The 10 glass chandeliers in the ballroom—each measuring 14 feet by 7 feet—are based on actual chandeliers from Versailles which were then frosted, covered in fabric, and candlelit.

Approximately 1,500 red roses were grown or purchased during production for use as research or set decoration.

Approximately 180 feet of feather light satin organza was used to create Belle’s yellow dress. The dress, which required 3,000 feet of thread and took over 12,000 hours to create, was accentuated with 2,160 Swarovski crystals.

During production, the costume department challenged itself to design and create ethical and sustainable costumes made from fair-trade fabrics (meaning the use of organic materials from suppliers that pay their employees a fair wage and are considerate of the environment), which they achieved. Working in tandem with Eco Age and the Green Carpet Challenge, the department used natural and low impact dyes, carefully disposing of any waste water, and printed with traditional wood blocks.

Some of the original lyrics written by Howard Ashman for the songs “Gaston” and “Beauty and the Beast” that were not used in the animated film have been added to the live-action adaptation.

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