Kurt Sutter Joins CHAOS WALKING Movie


Kurt Sutter is stepping out from behind the camera for a major YA adaptation!

Chaos Walking has found an important father figure for the main character in writer/producer/actor Kurt Sutter!

Based on the series by Patrick Ness, the movie takes place in a world where disease has recently wiped out the female population and all remaining animals– human or not– can hear each others’ thoughts through a connection called Noise. Tom Holland will star in the film as Todd, a teen traveling with his dog when he stumbles across the impossible– A young woman named Viola played by Daisy Ridley.

According to Deadline, Sutter joins the cast as Cillian, the grizzled farmer who took Todd in as a child and raised him to survive in the world’s harsh new conditions. The relationship between Todd and Cillian is far from perfect, but the characters fill an important role in each other’s lives.

You may best recognize Kurt Sutter for his behind-the-scenes roles. He’s a driving force behind Sons of Anarchy, The Shield, and Southpaw, among other projects. He also had smaller roles in some of his shows, like assassin Margos Dezerian on The Shield and “Big Otto” Delaney on Sons of Anarchy.

Chaos Walking is currently filming and will hit theaters on March 1, 2019.

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