Hundreds of TWILIGHT Props Are Up For Auction


Still a Twihard? You can snag a piece of the movie franchise for yourself!

It’s been 10 years since Eclipse, the third book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, hit bookshelves. To celebrate, Lionsgate– the studio behind the major film franchise based on the books– is auctioning off several prominent set pieces and outfits seen throughout the franchise.

Fans can snag tiny items, like Bella’s car keys and Face Punch movie tickets, or they can go for something a little more decorative like knickknacks from Bella’s room or the characters’ Forks High School diplomas. Of course, there are also plenty of wearable goodies, like Bella’s post-vampire transformation dress and Edward’s “proposal t-shirt,” that you can nab for yourself (if you’re willing to put down a pretty hefty chunk of change.)

The auction is happening over at and the site has been happily teasing the goods on social media.

Want in? Check out the details now!

Lionsgate has held multiple Twilight prop auctions in the past, selling off everything from the ripped pillows on Edward and Bella’s honeymoon bed to Bella’s engagment ring, the latter of which sold for a whopping $17,000.


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