Ender’s Game At Breaking Dawn Part II Premiere


Did you ever think the Twilight saga was in any way related to Ender’s Game?

Well in a small way it is. In the premiere for the last installment of the saga Andrea Powell, who plays Mrs. Wiggin in Ender’s Game, plays Sasha from the Denali Clan, the founder of the Denali vampires. She is walking the black carpet of the Breaking Dawn Part II premiere along with Aramis Knight, who plays Bean.

Aramis is attending to promote Ender’s Game and has promised some pictures of his experience and hopefully as they both went back and forth on twitter we can get a picture of their reunion.

UPDATE: We got some pictures of Aramis at the premiere (Thank you Ro for the tip). Also, we got this from Asa Butterfield via Twitter:

via @asabfb

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      • thank you so much for the tireless work. are we crazy that we care about the premieres of other films because people who are in “our” films might show up on the red carpet?

        • Not a problem I love doing it. I know other fans are just as interested in any information upon the books and film as I am. And no your are not crazy for thinking that. Personally, I love seeing relations like these between some of my favorite movies and I know other fans are as well.

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