Ryan Reynolds posts photos that shows his commitment to character with Deadpool’s katanas, named after a much beloved Golden Girl actress.

Deadpool 2 actor Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular role, posted on social media that they were done filming the sequel to the 2016 R-rated antihero blockbuster hit. In it, he shows photos of him with several of the crew and of his character’s katana swords, which he named after Bea Arthur, one of the actressess from Wade Wilson’s favorite TV shows, Golden Girls.

Reynolds posted this on his Facebook wall with the photos, which included the one with him and director David Leitch above:

That’s a wrap on DEADPOOL 2: A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE! Thank you to our beloved Captain, Mr. David Leitch… words are too clumsy to properly acknowledge your giant heart and talent. I love my hometown of Vancouver and our obscenely gifted crew. From our PA’s, (who are first in and last out) to our set decorators and prop departments, riddling this film with Easter Eggs in almost every scene… Thank you. I already miss being on set. Which is why I’ve decided to continue shooting the film in my underwear from Josh Brolin’s well appointed living room. #MaximumEffort

X-Men: Dark Phoenix first time director Simon Kinberg posted this on Instagram, confirming that they, too, were completed with principal photography:

That's a wrap. #darkphoenix #xmenmovies 11.2.18

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Deadpool 2 is scheduled for a June 1, 2018 release, while X-Men: Dark Phoenix is scheduled for a November 2, 2018 release.


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