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One of the best ways to have a good time is by enjoying a movie marathon with Netflix. However, with thousands of movies to choose from, it could take a while before you find a set of movies to watch in one sitting. The time you spend searching for the perfect movies on Netflix could be better spent watching the actual movies, right? This is why we are providing you with these few tips so you can have a smooth, entertaining, and interruption-free Netflix movie night.

1. Make Your Own Profile

Netflix automatically recommends movies based on your viewing history, but what if you’re not the only person using the account? Different people have different movie preferences, and this could mess up the default profile’s recommended list and viewing history. To make sure you’re watching movies and getting recommendations that fit your preferences, create your own profile.

Bonus Tip – It also helps if you’re sharing the account with someone younger since they won’t receive mature movie recommendations. Make them their own profile for a more family-friendly viewing experience.

2. Search Smart

There will be times when you want to watch a series of movies that are normally out of what Netflix would consider a likely addition to your recommended list. Normally, a simple title search would do the trick, but what if you don’t know the actual title, or what if you want to watch movies from a certain year, but you don’t know which movies aired when? This is when you resort to advanced searching options, which allow you to filter your results based on different criteria.

Bonus Tip – Netflix is very detailed when it comes to sub-categories, so you can be very specific when searching for different movies. Want to search for deep-sea horror movies, British comedies, or adventure films? Netflix has got you covered.

3. Create a Playlist

Now that you have narrowed down your selection, the next thing you need to do is plan your movie night. For example, if you’re planning on watching a Marvel movie marathon, you can make a playlist that starts with the earliest releases, or you may exclude some of the movies. This is also great if you plan to watch movies of different genres in the same marathon since watching three to four slow-paced movies could be a drag.

Bonus Tip – Other playlist recommendations include movies that feature the same actor, director, or even a common plot element (monsters, first love, school life, etc.)

4. Download in Advance

The latest version of Netflix now allows you to download your movies ahead of time. What does that mean? It means you no longer have to worry about your marathon suddenly getting interrupted when you hit your monthly data cap or when someone else is streaming at home.

Bonus Tip – The earlier you plan your movie marathon, the more time you can download the movies. It also frees up your bandwidth for other things later on, especially late in the month.

5. Go for Higher Quality

Back then, if you had limited bandwidth, you’re stuck with streaming at low definition. This is no longer the case, thanks to offline downloading. Download movies at a higher resolution well before your planned marathon and enjoy the smooth visuals without the buffering or resolution switching!

Bonus Tip – Not all titles are available for download. However, you can filter your selection using the advanced search filter.

6. Adjust Your Subtitles

Some people prefer watching movies with subtitles. If you’re one of those people, then you have to make sure the subtitles are actually readable without getting in the way of your viewing experience. Netflix gives you the option to change the size, style, color, and even the border of your subtitles.

Bonus Tip – Remember that subtitle settings apply to all devices. If you use your Netflix account on multiple devices, you may have to change the subtitles again depending on the device you’re on.

7. Rate Movies After Watching

Rating a movie is more than a way to say whether you liked it or not. Netflix also bases its recommendations based on how you rate different movie titles. The more you rate movies, the more appropriate future recommendations be Rating movies is also a way to give back to the community since other users will have a better idea of how good (or bad) a movie is before they watch.

Movie marathons are about having fun and watching as many movies as possible, by following these tips, you get to spend more time watching instead of wondering what to watch next.

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