Kiersten White takes on Frankenstein Reimagining in new YA novel


THE DARK DESCENT OF ELIZABETH FRANKENSTEIN is the new reimagining story written by Kiersten White.

Kiersten White takes on another reimagining take, and this time it’s her Young Adult take on the famed Frankenstein tale with The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein. Here’s the official announcement: 

Beverly Horowitz and Wendy Loggia at Delacorte have acquired world rights to The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by bestselling author Kiersten White. The book reimagines Mary Shelley’s gothic 1818 horror novel from the point of view of Elizabeth, a girl who is taken in by the Frankenstein family to be a companion for their son, the volatile and mysterious Victor. Publication is set for fall 2018, to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein; Michelle Wolfson at Wolfson Literary Agency represented White.

Kiersten is no stranger to reimaginings. Her The Conqueror’s Saga is a story with the Dracula character reimagined as the female Lady Dragwyla. And I Darken was released last year and book two, Now I Rise, was released earlier this year, with the third book in the series to be released in 2018.

White is also working on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel, which is based off the 90s TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is set to be released in 2018.

As busy as she is, The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein is also set for released in 2018.


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