J.K. Rowling Celebrates HARRY POTTER Milestone + Launches Hogwarts Experience


J.K. Rowling celebrated a HARRY POTTER milestone on Twitter and launched an online Hogwarts experience!

Today marks the date of the last scene in the Harry Potter books, and the starting point for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, – today is ‘nineteen years later.” And to celebrate the occasion author J.K. Rowling took to twitter, sharing two tweets:

J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore also launched a new ‘Hogwarts Experience’ today, a 360 degree digital experience that allows fans to explore the Hogwarts castle, including the grounds, quidditch pitch and more.There are 100 different ‘hotspots’ around the wizarding school that allow viewers to get more information on the location or an event that took place there, as well as details about the magic of the school.

“We’ve seen many interpretations of Hogwarts – from the artwork in the illustrated editions of the books to the eight feature films from Warner Bros.,” Henriette Stuart-Reckling, Pottermore’s global digital director, said during the announcement. The Hogwarts Experience is “a unique, mobile-first experience using bespoke visual assets allowing anyone to ‘visit’ Hogwarts on-the-go.”

The Hogwarts Experience is free for any registered Pottermore user and is compatible with smartphones, PCs and tablets.

I don’t know about you, but I sure am ready to go back to Hogwarts, especially with this new experience.

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