Five Cool Facts About THE LAST JEDI


Check out some fun facts from behind-the-camera of the upcoming STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI.

The countdown to The Last Jedi continues! Now that you have your tickets, a Star Wars reading list, and some celebratory DIY crafts, it’s time to brush up on some fun facts!

1. Director Rian Johnson kept a 35mm camera around his neck while filming and took behind the scenes photos.

2. The production design of The Last Jedi required around 120 different sets and international filming locations.

3. Mark Hamill actually tried to write his own backstory for Luke.

“I made it up myself and tried to show it to JJ Abrams, but he basically patted me on the head, gave me a cookie and made me go away.”

4. The Last Jedi is expected to be the longest Star Wars movie to date.

5. The set of the highly-anticipated Canto Bight Casino took a whopping sixteen weeks to build.


Let us know if you know any other fun facts that we should know!

Countdown to The Last Jedi: TEN DAYS!


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