The Final Round for Voting Has Begun for ‘Best of TV’ in the FANS’ CHOICE AWARDS!


After round one of the ‘Best of TV’ polls, we’ve narrowed the nominees to three for you to vote as winner in the FCAs 2018.

The 2nd and final round for ‘Best of TV’ of the Fans’ Choice Awards 2018 is now underway and we need your votes to determine who the winner is for each category. There was some obvious nominees that made it through to this round, and there were some last minute suprises, so vote as much as possible for your favorites.

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You only have until November 14 at 11:59pm EST until the polls are closed. The results will be revealed sometime in February 2018 during the online awards presentation. The results for ‘Best of Books’ and ‘Best of Movies’ will be revealed during that time as well (voting for those categories will be coming soon.)

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