Take our YA Best Friends Quiz to test your book knowledge!


Take our YA Best Friends Quiz to see how well you know these book friends by their descriptions!

Today is International Best Friends Day and to commemorate the special occasion, we’ve created a quiz for your book readers!  Take our YA Best Friends Quiz to find out how well you actually do know the best friends of a book or book series.  See if you can get all 26 best friendships correct!

Then, once you’re done, you can share your score and then challenge your friends to see how well they do!  Maybe it’ll encourage you to read some of the books listed if you haven’t read them before, or suggest some of the books listed to your friends as well!  Try it and see!

And here’s a hint: Some of options do NOT have a match!

(photo credit: Getty Images

(photo credit: Getty Images


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  1. I’ve enjoyed the quiz, although I don’t want to share my score as I was expecting to do much better. Will and Jem played together in Clockwork Angel, i never knew that. Ah, Vampire Diaries, I used to love them:>

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