Which YA Dystopian Heroine Are You?


Want to find out which dystopian heroine you’re most like?  Take our latest quiz and find out!

Then post your results.  We love it when people share! #IAm________ #YAHeroine

Take the quiz below!

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  2. Kiersten Clawson on

    For me there is no code to re post anywhere. :/ I got Clarissa Reyes from Match, a rather nice Heroine. Sadly I got mad at her most of the time because I was in love with Xander! XD

  3. I’m american singer, which is odd since i this is the only book i haven’t read and have little want to! i hate romance only purpose novels!! she could be a rather cool heroine though, so thanks for opening my horizons! reading it now because of you

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