NEW QUIZ! Which District Are You, Presented by Fandango


Working with the fantastic people at Fandango and, we are thrilled to present our latest quiz, which uses a complex formula to figure out what district you truly belong in. Do you belong in District 4 with Finnick or District 12 with Katniss, or maybe you’re even a citizen of the Capitol?


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    • Thirty years? Stop, you are aging us! I am glad that my few words encouraged you to be yourself and find your own voice-that’s the genius in writing to find a way of expressing your uniqueness while seeing the world through your own eyes.

  1. 2. THATS THE ONE I WANTED TO BE IN WOOOOO DISTRICT 2 FOR THE WIIINNNN and not only that but I survived the potter games and stayed alive all seven years in the hogwarts game thing YESSSS

  2. District twelve 😉
    I died 3rd because i just managed to escape the bloodbath in the cornucopia when a massive boy steps out from the shadows of the trees. Thinking i can trip him i run at the tribute but he stops me with one hand and says, “look ma no weapons” and snaps my next ouch…..

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