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How many times have your parents or friends told you to stop dreaming about a fictional character from Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, or any other series? Well, what if you were actually destined to be with one of them?? With that in mind, we’ve set out to find your perfect match, so you can prove you DO belong with Peeta Mellark or Ron Weasley!

Please note that there are two options: I LIKE BOYS and I LIKE GIRLS. If you’re into guys, the first one’s for you. If you’re into girls, then the second one’s for you. However, we encourage you to take both of them, because seeing the results is a lot of fun!

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Adam Spunberg is a law school graduate with a B.A. from Columbia University, District 13 campus. He fully admits he would have died the first day in the 74th Hunger Games, and he's pretty sure he has fragments of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin howling through him. He currently resides in the greater New York City area.


  1. Slytherindorclaw on

    Best match: Harry Potter
    One who loves me: Harry Potter
    Worst match: Lord Voldemort
    Holy crap all from Harry Potter… And I normally don’t care for romance, but I must agree that I would love to date Harry and I would think it would be awesome if he liked me… o_o Freaking love this website!

  2. I LOVE my crush!

    Best match: Han Solo-Star Wars❤️
    Who loves me: Harry Potter- Harry Potter❤️
    Worst match:Jonathan Morganstern- The Mortal Instruments

  3. fuck this shit 😒 i clicked that motherfuckin “who is ur fandom crush and it didn’t work… somebody tell me how the fuck i can do this quizz??!!

  4. OMG. My best match is Peeta Mellark. but I don’t wanna take him away from Katniss. Harry Potter loves me and my worst match is Jonathan Morgenstern, who likes that guy anyway.

  5. Best match was Finnick Odair, The one who loves me is Peter Pevensie, and worst match is President Snow. When I was little I always admired Peter from Narnia so…. 🙂 this just makes me feel so shocked

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