FALLEN Movie Woes In The US Uncovered


Find out what happened to FALLEN’s US release opportunities.

Book fans got pretty hyped for the release of Fallen, based on the angelic YA saga by Lauren Kate. We got a casting announcement, then saw photos and even a trailer, but Fallen never got released in the US, even in home video format.
So what happened?

Just Jared Jr has done a little sleuthing and discovered what went wrong with the Fallen movie release in the US.

Back in September 2016, the production was working with troubled film company Relativity Media on a distribution deal in the United States, complete with a trailer and tweet campaign that have since been taken down. However, according to JJJ, one of the film’s first international releases in the Philippines lead to the full film being leaked online. Relativity stepped down from distribution talk, which makes seems due to the sales-minimizing effect of piracy and the company’s own severe financial woes, though JJJ doesn’t state exactly when the company balked or the exact reasons given.

No other distributor has picked up the film since, even for a home video release. Meanwhile, multiple countries around the globe have already seen the film released in theaters.

While it’s definitely disappointing to know that Fallen is likely never hitting US theaters at this point, here’s hoping the finished film will at least pop up on a popular streaming service someday!

Check out the international trailer:


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