Chris Hemsworth gives sneak peek of THOR: RAGNAROK on Jimmy Kimmel


Thor talks about his hammer to Korg in new THOR: RAGNAROK clip shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

You may not recognize him in the movie, but director Taika Waititi definitely had a role in Thor: Ragnarok. He played Korg, of the technologically advanced race called Kronan. In the scene revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) tells Korg about his hammer, Mjolnir, which seems to be mysteriously absent from Thor’s inventory at that moment.

If you recall in the trailers, there’s a moment where the villainess Hela (Cate Blanchett) stops Mjolnir with her bare hand and crushes it to pieces. We can probably assume this scene takes place after that event. Though, we don’t know if it’s lost forever.

During the interview, Hemsworth also talks about working with Jeff Goldblum and taking a picture with Sir Anthony Hopkins and the dignity he gave him with the picture.

Thor: Ragnarok comes out in theaters November 3rd.


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