The Fandom’s 6th Anniversary Day 4 – Action and Adventure Prize Pack


Celebrate our anniversary with a whole week’s worth of amazing giveaways!

Tuesday was The Fandom’s sixth anniversary! Can you believe we’ve been dishing out fandom news and feels for SIX YEARS now?!

It all started with THE POTTER GAMES, a Harry Potter / Hunger Games Choose Your Own Adventure created by 40+ fans launched in July 2011. THE HOGWARTS GAMES— a mash-up of the same fandoms in the other direction– was quick to follow. We had some much fun with all that chaos, but we also knew there were so many other fandoms we loved; fandoms we wanted to share news about and discuss in earnest.

Like a baby phoenix rising from the ashes, The Fandom was born on December 26, 2011!

Things looked a lot different back then, and the range and depth of the fandoms we cover has expanded massively, too. We’ve always been thrilled with our geektastic corner of the Internet, its passionate writers, and the amazing opportunities we’ve had.

Of course, we owe much of this to YOU, the readers, so we’re saying thank you with a week’s worth of giveaways! Every day, we’ll have a new great prize to win and yes, it’s open internationally! Here’s what you can win today:

DAY 4 – A book prize pack filled with all different sorts of action and adventure


  • OTHERWORLD by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller
  • ROSEMARKED by Livia Blackburne

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Be sure to check back every day between now and January 2nd for more opportunities to win great prizes!

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  1. I mostly read fantasy, sci-fi only if its incredibly good, and I don’t even rember when did I read a superhero story last time

  2. I really love anything that has great characters and a great and original story but I do tend to lean more to towards Fantasy. I really love a good super villain story more than a superhero story.

  3. “Tell us: Do you prefer superhero, sci-fi, or fantasy stories?” Without knowing more, I do like fantasy. And maybe sci-fi. But anything that is good I like!

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