Cover Reveal: Victoria Aveyard’s Final Red Queen novel, WAR STORM


The cover for WAR STORM, Victoria Aveyard’s fourth and final book of the Red Queen series has been revealed.

As with all the previous covers for Victoria Aveyard‘s bestselling Red Queen series, we all knew it was going to feature a crown. But what that crown would look like is what we were anticipating. Well, anticipate no more, because the cover for War Storm was revealed earlier today!

The mega magazine Entertainment Weekly got to ask her a few questions regarding War Storm:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What are you most excited for readers to see in this last book?
VICTORIA AVEYARD: Obviously, I’m really excited to share the culmination of this story, and hopefully give the audience some closure to the Red Queen series. We’re essentially at the boiling point and I want everyone to enjoy the final installment as things… explode.

How do you feel the series has evolved over time? How have you evolved as a writer?
As with any series, the books have absolutely expanded in scope and scale since the first book. The stakes are higher, the emotions are deeper, the pain and the joy continue to escalate. The dominos are set and War Storm is 500 pages of falling pieces. As for me, I really hope I’ve improved in all aspects of my writing, from character to plot to worldbuilding to representation. But as with anyone, I still have miles left to go, and no end in sight.

What aspect of the Red Queen series are you most proud of?
Honestly, I’m just floored that readers enjoy the series and let me take them on a ride. I’m an entertainer at the end of the day, and knowing that someone can spend a few hours in something I created, and like the experience, means everything to me.

You can read the full interview right here, and you can pre-order your copy of War Storm via Amazon today!

War Storm lands in bookstores May 15, 2018.

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