Giveaway: Colin Furze’s THIS BOOK ISN’T SAFE


Win some wildly creative invention ideas from famed YouTuber Colin Furze!

Colin Furze made a name from himself on YouTube with his wild inventions and contraptions. He’s made everything from microwave video game consoles to functional hoverbikes on his channel and premiered his new show Furze World Wonders on YouTube Red in September. Now, he’s giving kids a chance to create and invent at home!

Despite being titled This Book Isn’t Safe, Furze’s latest publication features 10 new inventions with step-by-step instructions so kids (and their parents) can work with their hands, create, and enjoy the results!

Furze dropped the book by literally dropping the book– straight from space! Check out the super amusing video above.

One such invention is the “Brilliant Bedroom-Tidy Pulley”, which you can check out in an excerpt and photos below!

I’ve already said that there’s nothing boring in this book. In fact, these pages are packed with boredom-busting builds and projects! Let’s agree on one thing that’s utterly, utterly boring: having to tidy your bedroom. It’s right up there with watching paint dry! But what if you could create a slick device that instantly swept your bedroom floor clean? Well, step back and behold the Brilliant Bedroom-Tidy Pulley!
What Does It Do?
The Brilliant Bedroom Tidy-Pulley tidies your bedroom floor in seconds. Once the invention is in place and the plastic milk bottles are attached to two of your bed legs, you just pull the string and the pulley cleverly sweeps everything on your carpet under your bed. Your parents will be shocked by how quickly your room is tidied!
Great For Tidying: 
*Bits of of LEGO on your floor
*Toys thrown on the carpet
*Dirty socks lying around
Not So Great For: 
*Cats. If your poor pet is sleeping on your bedroom carpet, it’s gonna get a fright when you unleash the Brilliant Bedroom-Tidy Pulley!

We’re thrilled to offer one lucky fan a copy of This Book Isn’t Safe courtesy of Penguin Young Readers and Wunderkind PR. Simply enter via the Rafflecopter widget!

Please note that this contest is open to US residents only, per the publisher.

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This Book Isn’t Safe
is out now. You can order it via Amazon.

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  1. Colin Furze is a nutter! I love the fact he chases after these wild ideas and just makes them happen. and some of them are not so crazy… so of them are just … can i do this? well one way to find out. Lke the Jettle…can i make a jet powered kettle… yes … should you ….. probably not. But he does it anyway.

    Ps your link to your youtube in the give away is broken i cant see the final letter for your channel… should be the link so its missing a W

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