Video Review: THE DAZZLING HEIGHTS by Katharine McGee


Last week saw the release of Katharine McGee’s The Dazzling Heights, book two in the Thousandth Floor trilogy. The series follows five teenagers living in a futuristic New York tower– the whole city has been rebuilt as this thousand-floor tower. The cast is split between wealthy kids living on the upper floors (even one on the very top floor), and far poorer kids living on the lower floors. In both of the first two books, the novel begins with a mysterious death, before the story goes back to show the events leading up to said death. The story is packed with romance, manipulation, lies, and a whole bunch of drama. Like with the first one, I could not stop turning the pages of this one!

Check out my video review below!

Please note: as always, the video begins with some spoiler-free overall thoughts. There is a spoiler warning before I begin talking about spoilers from the book.

Have you read The Dazzling Heights? Will you? Let us know in the comments!

86% Fantastically Dramatic
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