Video Review: THE HATE U GIVE by Angie Thomas


Last week, Angie Thomas’s debut novel, The Hate U Give was released. The novel tells the story of Starr, a black girl living her life split between two worlds– her gang-run neighborhood and the private school her parents have worked hard to get her and her brothers into. When Starr leaves a party with an old friend, who ends up the newest victim of police violence, Starr has a decision to make. As her home falls into Ferguson-level riots and violence, and with her school friends not quite understanding the big deal, Starr must decide whether she will use her voice to tell what really happened to Khalil or stay safe in the privacy she’s managed to maintain.

This is a story that will hit home with anyone who has been seeing the news over the past several years. See firsthand what it might be like for someone who witnesses these acts– how an entire world can fall apart. Thomas brilliantly includes characters of various races and beliefs, as well as different types of violence and threats. This story is a rounded perspective of a life only fully understood by those who’ve experienced its horrors.

See my full thoughts in the video!

Note: The first few minutes of the video are spoiler-free. There is a spoiler warning before I get into specific details from the book.

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