Back in November, I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of The End of Our Story by Meg Haston. This is the story of two childhood best friends (Bridge and Wil) that fell in love, but that was all years ago. Since then, they’ve had a big messy breakup and ended up estranged for a year. But when tragedy strikes in Wil’s family, Bridge re-enters his life. As they grow closer once again, they wonder if too much has changed over their time apart– including some big secrets that could change everything. Told in duel perspectives – presently from Bridge’s point of view and over the past year from Wil’s, you will slowly put together a puzzle ofwhat’s really been happening. Watch the video to see what I thought about this book!

Note: the first section of the video is spoiler-free. There is a spoiler warning before I begin discussing spoilers from the story.

Have you read the book? Do you want to? Let us know in the comments! (But keep it spoiler-free, please!)

87% Heartbreakingly good
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