Watch our exclusive interview with Michelle Hodkin, plus she reads an excerpt from THE SHAW CONFESSIONS


Watch Michelle Hodkin read excerpts from the Mara Dyer spinoff, The Shaw Confessions, which is told from the point of view of Noah Shaw.

We got to interview Michelle Hodkin at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con and she spoke about her upcoming new book series, The Shaw Confessions. As you might’ve guessed, this is actually kind of a spinoff to her Mara Dyer trilogy. This time Noah Shaw tells the story as it continues from the previous trilogy.

“This trilogy is completely different from the first trilogy. It’s very different, but it’s going to continue the stories of those characters. And there are new characters, and there are new problems that arise, and situations that they get themselves into that they have to get themselves out of, and it’s great.”

Apparently, she realized that she had more of a story to tell after the trilogy, and realized that it wasn’t just Mara’s story:

“I decided when I was writing Retribution, The Retribution of Mara Dyer, which is the third book in the Mara Dyer trilogy. The reason that I decided to do this was because I was writing Noah into the story and realized that his role in it was so much larger that the book would have ended up being…basically, Mortal Instruments-sized. It would’ve taken over. He had his own narrative. So, I wanted to give him a chance to tell his story.”

As a tease, she quoted us the first line from the first book:

“You may think you’ve heard this story before, but you haven’t.”

You can watch the whole interview below:

Earlier this month for International Women’s Day, Michelle did a live reading and Q&A session for The Pixel Project, in which she read a few excerpts from The Shaw Confessions. The first one starts at about the 8:22 mark:

Very different indeed.

In regards to the Pixel Project, Michelle’s fundraiser contribution is still available for anyone who’d like to have a 1-on-1 Skype call with the author. Just scroll down through the list to find her.

The Becoming of Noah Shaw, the first in The Shaw Confessions trilogy, is scheduled to be published November 7, 2017.


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