Anna Banks’ ALLY Gets Shiny In Cover Reveal


The second book in the NEMESIS duology gets a charming cover reveal.

We loved Anna Banks’ Nemesis, but we had some reservations about the cover. Thankfully, the second book in the duology, Ally, is taking on some new art direction!

USA Today revealed the cover, which plays heavily on Tarik’s Egyptian-influenced kingdom and the mystical, metallic element that plays a major part in the story known as spectorium.

It’s definitely less harsh than the last book cover and feels a little more foreboding.

Along with the big reveal, Anna Banks teased fans with some hints at what to expect from the book.

Ally has twists and turns that would make a roller coaster jealous. It introduces new characters with new abilities, and even deeper questions Tarik and Sepora will have to answer for themselves. Also, there’s this one thing with Sethos … but you’ll just have to read it to find out!”

We definitely have some big hopes based on that Sethos hint, but we’ll try not to get too far ahead of ourselves!

Ally hits bookshelves on October 3, 2017. You can pre-order it now via Amazon.

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