The Fandom was conceived by Adam Spunberg, Kait Silva, Natasha Baucas, and Sam Cushion as a grander spinoff of The Potter Games. Their dream was to create a haven for people of all fandoms to interact together and share their love of fiction, while also boosting the fan sites who devote themselves so tirelessly to beloved fans worldwide.

Adam Spunberg and Kait Silva are both active in the Hunger Games fandom. Adam founded the Austen Twitter Project and hosts the Fireside Chat podcast every Monday at 10 p.m. ET, where Kait is a frequent panelist. Kait is the hilarious voice behind Victor’s Village, one of the top Hunger Games fan sites on the web.

Sam Cushion, who is also a world-renowned composer of fandom scores (LISTEN AND PURCHASE HIS MUSIC HERE) designed the website in his spare time.

Natasha Baucas created all the images you see around the site, as well as all the images in The Hogwarts Games, with great enthusiasm.

Tremendous thanks to Paris Ormerod, who put together each of the videos, including the masterful medley on the front page. You can see her full repertoire of work at her YouTube Channel.

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